Carlo Piccardi

DEIB - Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria
Politecnico di Milano
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32
20133 Milano, Italy

tel (++39) 02 2399 3566
fax (++39) 02 2399 3412

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    DEIB, Politecnico di Milano, October 8-9-10, 15-16-17, 2024

    Villa del Grumello, Como, Italy, May 27-31, 2024

   [selected recent publications]
  • C. Piccardi, L. Tajoli, and R. Vitali, Patterns of variability in the structure of global value chains: a network analysis, Review of World Economics, 2024. [doi]
  • P. Bolzern, A. Colombo, and C. Piccardi, Manipulating opinions in social networks with community structure, IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, 11(1), 185-196, 2024. [doi]
  • A. Radici, J. Claudet, A. Ligas, I. Bitetto, G. Lembo, M.T. Spedicato, P. Sartor, C. Piccardi, and P. Melià, Assessing fish–fishery dynamics from a spatially explicit metapopulation perspective reveals winners and losers in fisheries management, Journal of Applied Ecology, 60, 2482-2493, 2023. [doi]
  • C. Piccardi, Metrics for network comparison using egonet feature distribution, Scientific Reports, 13, 14657, 2023. [doi]
  • V.P. Hoang, C. Piccardi, L. Tajoli, Reshaping the structure of the World Trade Network: a pivotal role for China?, Applied Network Science, 8, 35, 2023. [doi]
  • L. Tajoli, F. Airoldi, and C. Piccardi, The network of international trade in services, Applied Network Science, 6, 68, 2021. [doi]
  • P. Finotelli, C. Piccardi, E. Miglio, and P. Dulio, A graphlet-based topological characterization of the resting-state network in healthy people, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 15, 665544, 2021. [doi]
  • F. Pierri, C. Piccardi, and S. Ceri, A multi-layer approach to disinformation detection in US and Italian news spreading on Twitter, EPJ Data Science, 9, 35, 2020. [doi]
  • F. Pierri, C. Piccardi, and S. Ceri, Topology comparison of Twitter diffusion networks effectively reveals misleading information, Scientific Reports, 10, 1372, 2020. [doi]
  • M. Tantardini, F. Ieva, L. Tajoli, and C. Piccardi, Comparing methods for comparing networks, Scientific Reports, 9, 17557, 2019. [doi]

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I am Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano. My teaching activity is in the area of complex systems and networks, dynamical systems and automatic control, both to undergraduate and graduate students of the Politecnico schools of engineering. I also teach in the PhD program of my Department (DEIB), mostly in the area of complex systems.

My research interests are focused on several topics concerning complex systems. Some recent areas of research are:

  • Structural properties of networks, with applications in economics, finance, and social sciences;
  • Spreading processes on complex networks;
  • Synchronization of networks of dynamical systems;
  • Reduced models for nonlinear systems, and their use for solving control and parameter estimation problems; 
  • Application of optimal control techniques to nonlinear systems; 
  • The use of numerical methods for bifurcation analysis of nonlinear systems, including continuation methods and harmonic-balance techniques; 
  • The analysis of structural properties of cooperative systems.

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